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The Problem With Trump Is He Does Not Know What He Wants

The Problem With Trump Is He Does Not Know What He Wants

Letters to the Editor: Mr. Trump, please don’t run. The nation needs healing, not you

November 10, 2017 – 6:59pm

In my opinion, Donald Trump is a very angry, very frustrated man. If he runs and loses the presidency, and the nation reels, he will be extremely disappointed because this has been his goal since the beginning of this campaign. It’s been his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” all the way to the White House. He has no real political experience and no real political plan. His entire campaign was based on one thing, the anger of the middle class white working class. I strongly believe our country will continue to suffer greatly before it is healed. We will continue to have the same problems we have today. The only difference is that we will be suffering to this day. For the past week, I have been watching the rallies that have filled the nation with anger and frustration. It’s pretty hard to not want to throw your phone across the room.

The problem with Trump is he does not know what he wants. He wants to make America great again, but we are not. We must keep our eyes on the prize, to the betterment of ourselves as a nation. I am sick and tired of the hatred and anger that we have endured since Trump won the election. It seems like we have been on the receiving end of it since before Trump even ran for office. The anger and hatred has been directed at all of us, the working class white middle class, the white working class, the middle class, the rich white. It’s an easy target because we have to live with people like Trump all the time and we have to deal with the poor and minorities.

I don’t condone his behavior, but from my perspective, his election was a major victory for the middle class. In fact, we can call this year’s election a major victory for the middle class, with the exception of the working class. We must not just

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