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Taylor Swift Supports Fatphobia in a Video

Taylor Swift Supports Fatphobia in a Video

Accused of fatphobia, Taylor Swift debuts an edited ‘Anti-Hero’ video on Apple Music

Taylor Swift is a champion of anti-fat, anti-bullying, anti-bullying-as-phobia, so it’s no surprise she’d want to make us all feel better about our own fatphobia. Now what we see is Taylor Swift, a proponent of anti-fatphobia, in action. With her support being so big, it’s only just perfect that the pop star behind a video titled “Anti-Hero” would also support the fight against fatphobia alongside it.

In the video, Taylor Swift’s edited short plays straight towards a message of anti-fat self-love and solidarity, with a message of “I’m just a fat girl.” She speaks about her self-love being “a little bit of an anti-hero,” and that the media is portraying her as the “anti-fat.” This is the part where, if you have a fat hatred going on, this is the part where you want to go in and destroy her in some way.

She plays the story of her, and how the media portrays her, who has her fat as a villain.

A video in support of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” short plays straight to the anti-fat, anti-bullying, anti-bullying-as-phobia message in a bid to get people to think positively about fat.

In a video titled “Anti-Hero,” Taylor Swift is shown the face of media attention she has acquired in a couple of years by creating a short promoting anti-fat, anti-bullying, anti-bullying-as-phobia.

The full video, which is only a couple minutes long, is an edited version of a short film that plays on the topic of anti-fat sentiment that was released earlier this year, “Anti-Hero.”

The full version of the short is titled “Anti-Hero,” released in November this year and premiered on Apple Music in December.

According to a Billboard report, the short film, which was made available through Apple Music, is a “viral video” that can be watched on YouTube, viewed on TikTok, Vimeo and elsewhere.

“Anti-Hero” is the third of Swift’s videos released on YouTube. The video, which was made available

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