Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Epic Games is set to get $350 million from Apple for what you may not know about Fortnite

After a six-year legal battle with Apple, video game industry maker Epic Games is turning its attention to Google and Amazon. On Friday, a U.S. judge awarded the technology company a $356 million judgment

Meng Wanzhou: Trump lifts ban on arrest of Huawei CFO, as Canada drops extradition

Donald Trump issued a 90-day reprieve to Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Chinese tech company Huawei. Reuters US President Donald Trump has approved the release of Chinese telecom company Huawei Technologies’ CFO,

Tech and insurance experts converge in London to discuss pandemics

On average, people in the UK have fewer days off sick than people in other parts of the developed world. But global pandemics are on the rise – and that’s why’s health, risk, and

5G transformation is throwing security industry into a scramble for contracts

When the advent of 5G networks takes root, wireless carriers are betting that law enforcement, public safety, firefighters, first responders, and security businesses — as well as companies like companies like Home Depot —

Y Combinator to Congress: TikTok the platform is ready to make a run

And the winners are . . . The Y Combinator company that helped create TikTok, the app that has become synonymous with youth-skewing social media — in the process cementing the app’s meteoric rise

How technology companies want to protect mobile users

For years, it's been a simple rule for anyone wanting to protect a device from hackers: System Update. This method of security is already beginning to change because more people want to avoid it.

The tech products I still can’t live without

A small percentage of phones, tablets and laptops shipped today—perhaps a mere 2 percent—still run on software based on Internet Explorer 6. Though technically capable of running an operating system, like Windows 10, that

Facebook’s CTO announces plans to step down in 2022

Image copyright David Gewirtz Image caption ‘One of the great achievements in my life’ was working with Zuckerberg Facebook chief technology officer (CTO) David Gewirtz has announced his plans to step down from the

Children Are Now Charged With Their Own Online Privacy

Photo Facebook calls it the 20 percent rule: When discussing online privacy on a Web forum, people often refer to 20 percent as the rule that says that 20 percent of a statement is

The real way to kill Facebook | James Bates

Building on what Zuck Jr did to clean up his own Facebook, how about we make everyone’s Facebook experience more personal and less commercial? Eight years ago when Facebook was a young start-up with

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