Tuesday, October 19, 2021



‘Drive Them Out:’ Syria calls for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops

As pressure mounts on President Donald Trump to terminate his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, the country’s foreign minister is calling for an immediate withdrawal of American forces. “If you are going

Cold virus bug is a fake? Crippling drug may replace antibiotics

Image copyright Southend Hospital Image caption The COVID-19 shell protects the thyroid gland from infection A pill may one day be used to ward off the infection that causes the common cold. New research

Emma Watson admits she knows Brandon Green, son of a British billionaire

While being svelte and impeccably groomed for her latest photo shoot for Time Out New York, Emma Watson, champion of feminism, seems positively orange, but she revealed that she once had a friendship with

Coal pollution may take a hit after China announces ending coal power plant projects

The development of the One Belt, One Road Initiative has raised concern that the infrastructure-building program will be used as a way to prop up regimes accused of human rights abuses and may undermine

Crew of Undocumented Immigrants On the Run After Fleeing Hurricane Matthew Get Released to Connecticut Church

WATCH: Tensions high in the wake of the “JustICE: NYC July 4th Protest.” A group of nearly 300 Haitian migrants, on the run after fleeing Hurricane Matthew, have been released by U.S. Immigration and

Ethiopian troops enter Sudan after West Darfur fighting

Ethiopian troops entered Sudan on Tuesday after a series of clashes in West Darfur state, the Sudanese military said. A military spokesman said Ethiopian soldiers had entered the country with support from Chad and

Indian farmers march against government program

Written by By Malumani Alagiri, CNN Once-major road and rail routes in parts of India were shut down over the weekend by angry farmers, who marched to demand more money to help them defray

Elaborate queue snarls highways at petrol stations

Driver panic as number of vehicles on roads out of fuel caused by disruption to fuel supplies A rush to fill up cars and vans at petrol stations caused a queue of vehicles from

Meet the 14-Year-Old Girl Whose Solar-Powered Invention Is a Finalist for Prince William’s Earthshot Prize

A ‘smart’ bracelet is in the running to create the world’s first ever male- free menstrual cup Meet the 14-Year-Old Girl Whose Solar-Powered Invention Is a Finalist for Prince William’s Earthshot Prize Waste-to-energy company

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