Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Children Are Now Charged With Their Own Online Privacy

Photo Facebook calls it the 20 percent rule: When discussing online privacy on a Web forum, people often refer to 20 percent as the rule that says that 20 percent of a statement is

The real way to kill Facebook | James Bates

Building on what Zuck Jr did to clean up his own Facebook, how about we make everyone’s Facebook experience more personal and less commercial? Eight years ago when Facebook was a young start-up with

Why China’s ‘Olive Tree for Better Skills’ Is Losing Steam Online

A decade ago, I was one of many people in China who bought the video game World of Warcraft. I played it and enjoyed it for many hours — but, after finding the perfect

How to get the best delivery in London

Faced with the tired cliché of ordering food from delivery apps, perhaps it’s best just to stick to ordering it from the comfort of your own abode (it’s not just the restaurants that are

Idaho teen’s Instagram ‘age verification’ app ignites outcry over Facebook policy

Facebook isn’t ready to say where its Instagram app lies in terms of age. “At Facebook, we care deeply about safety and preventing underage people from being exposed to content they shouldn’t see,” a

How to deal with passive aggression online

Written by Catherine A. Shoichet, CNN Germany, Written by Alice McLean, CNN, CNN As Germany marks the 50th anniversary of the coming of the Berlin Wall in 2017, a pilot program is trying to

5G and the internet of things: how will they affect your security?

In the world of telecoms innovation, the phrase “RACE FOR 5G” has become a part of everyday conversation. As mentioned, the technology will change the lives of millions and the money spent is forecast

Social media celebrities are self-medicating with free weed, we’ll reveal who

According to a report from Vice, performers and entertainers on Instagram have begun returning to the channels with shady "independent" marketing partnerships, exploiting the audience on their platform for extra income. The celebrities, including

Microsoft is testing out new software for bypassing new password requirements

Last year, Microsoft changed the whole concept of passwords forever. Starting on October 11, all users who wish to access their accounts will need to create a one-time code sent over SMS or an

Elizabeth Holmes fails: a remarkable life – and her current fate

Rob Stein's never-ending series on Theranos is finally coming to an end and with a bang. In this week's issue, Elizabeth Holmes is being tried and convicted on 13 counts of fraud and malice.

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