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Bob Steyer, Common Sense Media Co-Founder: One-Two Punch To Damage Economy & Suppressive Republicans Don’t Get A Clue About What’s Coming

Bob Steyer is a businessman, philanthropist, and a co-founder of Common Sense Media. He has addressed national audiences on issues including education, the digital divide, clean water, opioid addiction, privacy, and politics. On Wednesday,

Trump’s long-shot nominee for US immigration court has an anti-immigrant track record

As the U.S. immigration courts have been in decline and system-wide backlogs have soared, most top judges on the docket have stuck around or have been shuffled out. That is the story this week

Was Joe Biden’s Chrysler endorsement a missed opportunity for other

My 18-year-old daughter and I was calling around for a new car and stumbled upon this ad for the Cadillac, with its celebrity endorser. Joe Biden Gives Chrysler a Boost: https://t.co/t92v7flTl0 pic.twitter.com/PjITr92uPJ — PennLive

Why ‘My We’ve Still Got a Long Way to Go’ in Recalling California Governor Gavin Newsom, Even Though the Recall Was Lost

To kick off his three-day stay at The New York Times’ headquarters in Manhattan to discuss his policies for California, Gov. Gavin Newsom shook hands and took a few questions from several reporters and

Professor Of Business At George Mason University Chris Bowers On Democratic Infighting On Infrastructure Spending

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. On the heels of the Democrats’ next major legislative push, Democrats are pitted against each other in bitter infighting over where their party stands on infrastructure spending.

Poll: Infrastructure is the number one issue you want the President to talk about. Who do you agree with?

After the breakthrough and shocking defeat of the ‘Green New Deal’ in the House on Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to go big for her first big vote as Speaker, proposing to pass

High drama in Congress as Democrats vow to fight for $1.5tn for infrastructure

But lawmakers say their number crunchers have said that whatever Trump proposes, it can’t go any further than the $200bn already in negotiations. Democrats aren’t sure that will do it. They say their members

Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to shut down Democrat voters

With national Republicans placing cyber-security at the forefront of their election day strategy, Pennsylvania Republicans are subpoenaing—or arresting—millions of voter records in an attempt to identify “how many ballots have not been cast.” In

Union chiefs sound the Brexit alarm over Britons’ offer of Visa for EU citizens in short-term

Dutch union leaders, not only in Britain but all around the EU, are quite unhappy that after months of wrangling the Brexit deadline has passed but British officials are now proposing residency visas for

Weighed down by lawsuits, don’t try Lyrica anymore for pain, FDA warns

By Patrick Downes, for CNN • Updated 5th October 2020 After months of strained negotiations between patients and drugmakers, a federal advisory panel has told Pfizer to withdraw its pain medication Lyrica from hospitals

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