Tuesday, October 19, 2021



The Deadliest RINO in Congress has Died at 84

by Jim Jordan & Pete Hegseth Former Congressman Sherwood Boehlert of the United States House of Representatives, a RINO who quit in disgrace and helped push out Speaker Newt Gingrich, has died today at

Apple is reportedly planning a less expensive iPhone 14

After reporting its most profitable quarter ever in which it sold 61.3 million iPhones, Apple on Tuesday is expected to announce that an even more redesigned phone than the iPhone XS Max will be

Three Reasons Why It’s Hard to Resist Signing Up for a Credit Card

Photo What looks like efficient, dutiful discipline, seems even more haphazard. That’s what an impulsive Visa survey found when it asked people: “In the last five years, have you thought about using your Visa

A ticket from W Wireless Festival was bought but lost again!

Updated: 16 May. Aged 15, I got my ticket to see Djam play the W Wireless Festival at a park in Bristol on 1 June 2017, but was turned away as Ticketmaster simply had

Midwestern coffee shops use tech to elevate coffee

The world’s coffee scene is increasingly thirsty for coffee bars serving new innovations in style, technology and design. From Japan’s throwback artisanal cafes to the slew of European and American experimentation, fresh coffee is

The early effects of an early winter storm

The lower 48 states are scattered across the eastern and southern United States — a region that is set to receive the brunt of damaging winds, periods of freezing rain and heavy snowstorms from

The most unexpected way a drug affects weight loss

Here's an article from the US news agency KCPQ about the FDA and WHO being divided on whether to promote an obesity drug to young people after obtaining results from a clinical trial. Apparently,

Craft Beer: Nothing But Love

People can get beers for a great deal by holding the fridge door open or pulling a dog out and signing a waiver for beer delivery. Instead, brewers are putting pay to the transfer

Manhunt for killer of woman in North Sarasota area scaled back as body is found

The massive manhunt for convicted murderer Brian Laundrie scaled back after a mother-of-three was buried in Sarasota on Monday. Sarasota Sheriff’s Office issued an alert to patrol boats, dive teams and helicopters, announcing they

Six states have passed laws increasing the minimum wage this year

In 2010, when the recession was just beginning to wane, President Obama didn’t mince words about the need to raise the federal minimum wage: “Right now, 23 million Americans … face the reality of

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