9 things you need to keep in mind when shopping for the next car

Photo It’s safe to say that our selection of features in our cars isn’t a perfect one. For every classic rearview mirror and voice control we’ve ditched, there are often multiple updates that make our …


It’s safe to say that our selection of features in our cars isn’t a perfect one. For every classic rearview mirror and voice control we’ve ditched, there are often multiple updates that make our cars far more powerful and a lot more expensive, while most new models come preloaded with the latest navigation and entertainment systems, which can be very expensive.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the nine things that make the cut when it comes to shopping for the next car.

1. Seat fit

The fabric in your car’s seats should feel comfortable. There are a number of factors that go into the fit of a seat. Body shape, an overall slouchiness and height are just a few.

Size up the distance between your legs and adjust the seat to help ensure that you have enough room for your feet and knees.

2. Tire pressure

When making any vehicle purchase, it’s wise to factor in the tires. The important aspects of tread depth, wheel type and inflation level.

Most automakers offer competitive Tire Pressure Monitoring System options, which allow the car to monitor and adjust tires as necessary. (Riley Automotive, KBB.com).

3. Brakes

On-road stability is critical. Ideally, you want a car that has the brakes to tackle the multiple turns you’re going to face on any given road trip. Additionally, it’s a good idea to get those brakes calibrated to your specific driving style, so you’re able to set them to prevent the wheels from locking up.

4. Infotainment

Don’t buy a new car without keeping an eye on your online shopping preferences. Technology is only going to keep getting better. At the same time, audio has improved immensely over the years. We’re not just talking iPod integration. Today’s infotainment systems often include Bluetooth, internet streaming services, GPS and, often, hands-free voice commands. You can even have the systems’ controls replaced with touch screens.

You can take it one step further, by placing some of your tech purchases on your Amazon Prime account. Prime members can stream movies and music from both your home and work computers for free, without a Prime subscription, in one account. You can store up to six months of Amazon Prime music and video on your hard drive. Additionally, the Unlimited Option allows you to stream unlimited music and video for no extra charge, including most recent movies, on every device for one year.

5. Brake pads

Without good pads, you could land yourself in a high-speed accident — so make sure you find an affordable brake pad for your car. For a lighter barrier than factory-required pads, look for an off-brand that you can switch out with the leather seats you already have.

6. Air filter

It may seem like an everyday feature, but fixing a very serious air filter could make or break your trip. A dried out or dirty filter leaves your car with damaging odors and negatively affects fuel economy.

7. Autosteer

Autosteer is one of the best features of a 2018-19 new car — you barely notice it. Part of the fun about driving a new car is taking your first-time trip and confidently showing off those teeny-tiny new wheels to friends. Autosteer lets you do that.

Every car on the road comes with autosteer. Automakers include the feature in all 2019 cars to help eliminate the tension you feel during a turn. With autosteer, you don’t need to push a button to activate it, so you can just sit back and watch the car do the work.

8. Dedicated parking sensors

Parking a car with assistance is a pain. Getting out of the car is difficult. Making sure you park in the center of the street and not the opposite side of the street is almost impossible.

Not every new car comes with parking sensors that help steer the car to the specific position of the car you’re parking in. It’s best to buy a car with a feature such as this.

9. Car wireless network

Keep your car charging this way while you’re on the road. Smartphones with wireless chargers have also become incredibly popular.

This is a good option for road trips as well. You don’t have to worry about carrying a phone charger along.

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