Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Top tips for getting more caffeine into your life

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Celebrating the spring thaw – which is kicking off next week – is always a good idea

Wednesday marks National Coffee Day – a day to thank us for the incredibly varied and important item we enjoy on our daily coffee.

It is a day to drink those two shots of joe, savour your morning for a better-healthy balanced body and quit.

As a nation, we are finding it increasingly difficult to get enough calories and nutrition in our daily diet.

Coffee is one of the beverages that give us all that extra energy to get us through the day.

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Any diet that involves coffee is very low fat, high protein, low glycaemic index (low GI) and low calorie.

This diet focuses on nutrition and is perceived to be more health-oriented than the conventional diets in the western world.

We have compiled this list to help you celebrate, alert your coffee maker and ensure you toast the day right.

Served hot, coffee at hotels and restaurants is generally eaten as a normal meal. It is sold by weight, by the can, by the mug or by the jar.

Unlike in Europe, most coffee in the UK is consumed hot.

For those who enjoy the more leisurely chilled mode of coffee drinking, be aware that it may affect the way you feel.

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