Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Disneyland Debuts Seasonal Coronavirus Updates for Season Passes

In response to the recent news of the seasonal coronavirus, Disneyland is updating its Pass Program to eliminate the need for renewal. Guests who plan to visit between now and October 31st are asked to contact their Disneyland ticket and park hopper service representatives for customer service and Disneyland ticket preferences. The update to the Disneyland Pass Program comes on the heels of a number of recent cases of the SARS-like coronavirus in people from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Disneyland will continue to monitor the situation carefully and will take any necessary actions to continue to provide quality guest experiences.

In addition to the Coronavirus update to the Pass Program, Disneyland will continue to work closely with Health and Safety Administration officials and disease surveillance experts around the world as necessary.

Disneyland guests wishing to support critical public health efforts can donate to the California Global Emergency Fund, which assists medical responders to respond to severe public health threats such as the sudden outbreak of the VX disease in Chechnya, or the severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-like syndrome in Beijing and Hong Kong.

— Disneyland is offering frequent guest updates through the Disneyland Blog.

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