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Elizabeth Hurley’s sons react to inheritance funds

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Elizabeth Hurley’s sons are less than pleased about how their mum is handling a $250 million inheritance.

The 52-year-old mother and grandmother shared a series of grisly family photos to Instagram on Saturday which were accompanied by a threatening note which showed that Damien Hurley had been cut out of the record deal by Hurley’s husband, Indian textile heir Arun Nayar.

One image showed Damien in the backs of a pick-up truck with a wicked grin on his face, while his cousin Miles Hurley was seen chewing a cigar while Arun was busy pretending to be successful with a laptop.

Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

Another image saw Damian sharing an embrace with his other half Arun who is posed on a hotel bed with a smile on his face. Both Damian and Arun playfully posed with hands to their hips before looking up at the camera.

‘i chose that image and ‘it was because it perfectly encapsulated the shared vision of partnership between their two families.😊’ Elizabeth captioned the photo.

Two sets of twins

Arun posted his own photo of the family with the caption “greatest mix of two families!” in which Damian, 41, posed alongside his younger half-brother Miles, who is a full-time doctor.

“Damian and Miles…glad to share happy pictures with the twins…” said Arun with another caption which read “i chose that image and ‘it was because it perfectly encapsulated the shared vision of partnership between their two families.”

Rina Troya, the consultant family therapist specialising in family therapy, told the Mirror she is not surprised by the boys’ anger.

“Their anger will be intensified because they were cut out of the money,” she said. “They won’t understand why their mum is going to such great lengths to get Arun’s hands on their inheritance.”

The Daily Mail reports that Hurley began dating Arun six years ago and they were married in a country wedding last year.

Meanwhile, Hurley announced the release of her new male fragrance ‘Purr’ on the social media app, posting photos of herself and her husband surrounded by flowers.

Damian was the face of the perfume during the past few years and is joined by Hurley’s other eldest son, 15-year-old Damian.

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