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Cloyd Boyer, the Three Angels of baseball, dead at 94

Written by By Rana Ahmad, CNN

Cloyd Boyer, who spent 30 years playing baseball at the highest levels of the sport, died on May 17. He was 94 years old.

Boyer, who had led the legendary “Little Three” New York Yankees’ trio to three World Series titles, died of congestive heart failure, his representative Tom Walker told CNN.

“The Little Three” – George, Willie and Cloyd – played together professionally for the vast majority of their lives.

The three made their professional debut for the Yankees in 1933 when Cloyd was just 17 years old. The trio would remain together for years to come, firstly with the Yankees’ minor league affiliate in the then-Chicago Cubs organization, and then the rival Chicago White Sox franchise. They also frequently played in the Oakland Athletics’ minor league affiliate.

After their World Series wins, Boyer went on to finish his playing career with the Detroit Tigers.

Courtesy George Herman Ruth Museum, Collegiate World Series/Texas Tech University

In the 1973 book “The Three Angels,” David Yerk wrote that Cloyd “was known as a fabulous teammate and fierce competitor.”

“If George ever lost a race, Willie would remind him: ‘Check your glove, you’re out,’ ” Yerk wrote.

Cloyd was born in 1917, in New Jersey. He and Willie grew up in the same home. As Boyer’s father was a musician, the trio grew up listening to professional baseball radio broadcasts.

Throughout their years in professional baseball, Willie, George and Cloyd were always competitive. The Three Angels were known to treat each other courteously, which is unusual for professional athletes.

“I’m happy with every single hit, and I think we all are,” Cloyd Boyer once said in an interview. “It doesn’t matter who wins or loses.”

Cloyd, Willie and George are immortalized in a photograph of them teaming up during their playing days.

Courtesy George Herman Ruth Museum, Collegiate World Series/Texas Tech University

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