Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Joe Biden’s plan on immigration is creating a lot of tension and confusion.

By Sally Warburg

The Morning Jolt

Biden’s Approach To Immigration Is Causing A Huge Internal Rift And Leading To A Lot Of Confusion

Yesterday’s Morning Jolt featured a contribution by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Asked about the political concerns around border security, Hunter said that the proposal for an increase in border enforcement is the most “undemocratic, racist way” of dealing with immigration policy.

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Today, Politico’s team of Walter Shapiro and Sopan Deb compared Biden’s internal battle with some of his Democratic colleagues over immigration to D.C. gangs over whether they should join the KKK or switch their allegiances to the Illuminati.

This last point is particularly interesting because:

Joe Biden has taken a position on Trump’s border wall that is so far from the wishes of his party’s House and Senate leaders and past presidential aspirants, that some on the Democratic side have begun to talk openly about the possibility that he might try to fight it if he’s elected president. The Vice President’s position is that he’s not sure the president has the right idea, and in any case he might try to change it. This is becoming a lot more than an honest disagreement among Democrats.

In a War Room interview with Politico published Tuesday night, Democrats openly discussed their concern that a new Democratic administration might challenge Trump’s border wall – or something like it – as a one-issue priority like tax reform, Medicare for All, climate change or tariffs.

“It creates a potential problem for us,” one Democrat familiar with the situation told Politico’s Bryan Bender. “He’s saying that part of the wall is unnecessary, which is a terrible position for us to put ourselves in.”

Why the worry?


He also said he doesn’t think his party is prepared to push his son to quit working on policy, after a reporter asked him to clarify his son’s views on the immigration dispute.

After a string of journalists and strategists publicly criticized Biden for the remarks – and for them flying in the face of what Democratic leaders have been saying about the immigration issue – Biden’s 2020 presidential bid took a hit.

One official close to Biden’s fundraising operations said the uproar over Hunter’s comments made for a “fairly big dip in overall support,” as some political donors decided the moment wasn’t the right time to give him money, particularly in the Iowa caucuses.

A source familiar with the situation said Thursday night that Biden’s work on immigration would continue even if he runs for president, and he sees it as a legitimate issue for discussion.

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