Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Newest ‘Squid Game’ K-drama features a Korean-American couple

‘Squid Game’ by Park Mu Jizhong is an award-winning, Korean-language TV drama that is set to return in July in season 2!

In short: Squid Game is about a couple of university friends who decide to be teachers and work together at the same school, not unlike the dynamic you would see with two friends in school who played on the same soccer team together.

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First and foremost, the story was created by two songwriters and songstresses-to-be — Yoon-Jae Park and Ann Choi — who are currently preparing for the release of their popular K-pop group-member crushes, ‘Robotics’ (which originally started as webtoons before migrating to TV as well as being a sold-out concert act).

However, the series still remained true to Park and Choi’s convictions on writing fiction that one-of-a-kind, even though their writing credits start from the SBS short film ‘Mahjokjun II’ in 2002.

Therefore, the entire plot-line of ‘Squid Game’ is their own musings and creation, the same kind of conversations they would have often just talking to each other at college.

At this time, they didn’t speak to each other because the producers were trying to influence their writing. But now that the two of them are more mature and experienced artists, they can take full ownership of their writing — and their creative identities — and let the dialogue flow.

This led to many of the scenes not fitting the storyline from the series’ script but instead repeating the same catchphrase that they were used to saying over and over to each other at college.

They wanted the first season to bring a change in perception of Korean dramas.

But they don’t want people to confuse the K-drama series, ‘Squid Game,’ for traditional Korean dramas. However, they are both modest about wanting to appeal to mainstream viewers, especially those who are so used to watching traditional Korean dramas.

Instead, they want ‘Squid Game’ to bring a change in perception of Korean dramas. The dialogue is more social-realistic and, for instance, sounds more natural than any of the characters of a Korean drama. That is the idea that is being pushed, but it all still includes fast-paced plot-lines and beautiful visuals.

However, I do feel that people can become addicted to the witty, fast-paced action sequences in ‘Squid Game.’ I’m not suggesting that is exactly how people are supposed to view ‘Squid Game.’ But it might be enough to do so, if the actors are able to pull it off.

‘Squid Game’ first came to the spotlight in early 2014, when it became the first K-drama to be aired in the states on the streaming platform Hulu (via streaming service Fullscreen, which ended up being acquired by Netflix in 2017). Now, the series has been downloaded over eight million times, and the second season is currently in the works.

‘Squid Game’ is currently on Netflix in the U.S. as well as in many other countries including Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and many more. If you want to catch up on the first season, you can stream the entire first season on Hulu, but you can purchase the DVD set on Amazon.

If you want to watch the first season of ‘Squid Game’ for the first time, go to a Korean supermarket and order the set, with English subtitles for most of the scenes.

Then watch the second season and decide for yourself!

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