Monday, October 18, 2021

Disabled passenger comforted by Muppet spider

Eldredge’s parents took her to a vet in Cleveland and had her check out with a new medicine to calm her; shortly after, she had a seizure, underwent emergency surgery and spent two weeks in the hospital.

She said her treatment in a coma made her ill for about 18 months afterward, and her parents flew to their daughter’s side each time she came down with an illness. Eldredge said she had been the only child of hers in a coma, so her parents were always around, and the fact that she had been sick for 18 months gave her a sense of who she really was.

Eventually, Eldredge was stronger enough to start driving again, and the next thing she remembers was in a wheelchair in the hospital, sitting there alone with her family. She doesn’t remember the details of that awful time because of the blackout.

Before the new law, Eldredge was able to ride airplanes with her emotional support animal. She remembers going on trips with her dog and going up in the air with her Muppet arachnid.

When Eldredge’s parents got divorced, she didn’t want them to go through the heartbreak of seeing their daughter in that wheelchair, but she was also confused and angry about it. She didn’t understand why they would leave her alone in her condition. Eldredge said it was a very difficult time, with lots of people coming and going, and she simply couldn’t sleep through it. After a while, she said she even stopped talking to her family.

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