20 Ways In Which The Year Of The Rabbit Is The Most Ridiculous!

1 – 2019, Mars(oh right – They are not currently on Mars. Did you know Mars celebrates its 445th anniversary later this year? 2 – 2014, Kanye West premiered the Yeezus track “Bound 2”

1 – 2019, Mars(oh right – They are not currently on Mars. Did you know Mars celebrates its 445th anniversary later this year?

2 – 2014, Kanye West premiered the Yeezus track “Bound 2” with wife Kim Kardashian, who appeared to be having a bit of fun by tossing a very large sock at him.

3 – 1984, researchers at Kent State University showed the world that nuclear bombs are capable of releasing radioactive dust that could get carried away by wind, making the ground radioactive.

4 – 2012, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer at 56.

5 – 1993, IBM launched the first personal computer in its ThinkPad range, which sold for $2,565 in 1993, still a lot of money.

6 – 2017, Playstations were unveiled at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2017 in Los Angeles.

7 – 2018, the first Hollywood film was released, Warner Bros.’ Bright.

8 – 2015, Starbucks turned 48 years old, and urged its customers to #PumpUpAtStarbucks during the week.

9 – 2017, Muhammad Ali passed away, aged 74.

10 – 2009, Twitter debuted new logo

11 – 2022, the Super Bowl will go from its typical game-day berth on the Sunday of a year’s first week, to a Monday! As in, it’ll just go from 8 PM to 2 PM in the day, forever. Super Bowl LIII, whoever plays for the Patriots against the Rams, will take place on Monday, 2 February, the 23rd, which is 28 days before the day on which they play.

12 – 2015, G-Eazy’s “She’s Bad” came out. And confused humans the world over, as they instantly found his taste of things to be delightful.

13 – 2017, John Mayer came out in an interview, and said that his career “was over” after “Turn on the Bright Lights”. Yup. Because he’s been obsessed with being sexy ever since.

14 – 1962, the second Abbey Road tape was released, causing Harold Ramis to snap: “You can’t have a joke without a punchline.” His Manchester University student union comedy group would later call it the Sixties, using the ancient name for late 1960s Britain (which British film-makers used as they were trying to come up with catchy names for the new and improved technology they’d discovered).

15 – 2018, it came out that Travis Scott’s single “Sicko Mode” was originally a slogan for a dating app. Weird, because Travis likes to pretend it is his favourite song, and I’m pretty sure nobody likes Travis Scott…

16 – 2018, Mariah Carey released her sixth studio album, Golden, complete with new number ones and additional beats and strings.

17 – 2022, the first grade is held at a new square to be named after a 16th-century monarch, to celebrate the Year 1000 celebrations. Will she think of it in 2073?

18 – 2019, and Israel passed what amounted to a “get the fuck out” law for residents of settlements who decided to remain in the country despite the 1967 borders having been recognised by the UN General Assembly on 29 November 2016. The new law, passed in the Knesset (Parliament), stipulates that for it to be valid, all those moving out of areas deemed illegally built on settlements must end their stay.

19 – 2018, the Duchess of Sussex announced her new baby is due in Spring 2019.

20 – 1989, The first ‘normal’ adult computer arrived in the United States. Installed on a working Atari 800 (with the a/b/c language pack), it had an operating system by an IBM engineer, Doug Firalt, and a programming language by the computer scientist, Bill Barlow.

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