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The X Factor: Extravaganza: The Final Judge

The X Factor: Extravaganza: The Final Judge

Taylor Swift Fans on the Heartbreak and Snafus to Secure Tickets to her Concert, The X Factor: Extravaganza

It’s been revealed that country music singer, Taylor Swift will be the final judge on the new X factor. Fans of The X Factor: Extravaganza are freaking out because they want to secure their seats. And now the stars have made their way to the NBC studios in downtown Los Angeles to do just that. Fans have started to form lines around the building in just the hours leading up to the live show. We don’t know the last time a country music star has walked up to the press section with everyone waiting to get in.

Fans of Swift’s new album have been getting over excited as well. In fact a poll was taken and the stars are currently ahead in the ratings. If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s singles, you’re going to be excited to hear her performance on the stage. But don’t hold your breath. If you’ve followed the show for any time at all, you know that this is going to take way longer to get off the ground than it is for any other show. So what happens at live shows? Well, the show starts promptly at 10pm. As the show progresses every one of the singers makes their way to the stage. They get onstage and sing some amazing originals. They do their choreographed routines for the entire hour. Once the show has started the audience is on the streets screaming for the winner of the contest. Now keep in mind that this is a show that is very hard to get into. People who haven’t attended much are going to be nervous as well. When the winner is announced the fans stand and celebrate with each and every other act that performed. It’s very hard to get into a contest like this because you have to get people together. Once the winners are announced the concert comes to a close. So people will be left with a long and tedious wait until the final acts on the show make it to the stage for the winner to be announced.

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