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The Dream of Publishing a Book of Poetry

The Dream of Publishing a Book of Poetry

Where the Sky Meets the Sea: Jennifer Guidi Leans Into Beauty, Family, and the Art of Writing

by: Jennifer Guidi

On May 18, 2013, a group of people came together to create a dream that will forever change their lives. Jennifer Guidi, a native of Hawaii, became involved with a group of women who had a dream of publishing a book of poetry with the aid of the Internet. Jennifer has said that “The sky met the sea when I first met the women who started this dream.”

Jennifer is the author of two novels in the Polynesian romance genre, The Beach Tree and The Loves of Tahiti, a novel that can be read in either Hawaiian or English. She wrote and self-published her fourth novel, The Wedding Feast: An Epic Romance, in 2009. The Wedding Feast is a tale of love and happiness that takes you into the lives of two people and spans over a millennium.

Jennifer’s first foray into the world of blogging was with her own blog, the blog where she shared her writing and her poetry. During this time, she also began to develop her craft as an author by writing the first ever book review on her blog, and it was named an Favorite Blog by two different blogs. These two favorites were found on Amazon and, as far as is known, Jennifer is the first author to ever have a book reviewed there on Amazon.

After the blog’s inception, Jennifer began to expand the world of her writing through a blog of poetry and reviews and blog tours. Her poetry has been featured in bookstores all over the country. Jennifer’s poetry has also been featured in newspapers, magazines, and on the radio. This exposure has opened the door to the world of writing, and has led to her publishing two books and an agent.

In addition, Jennifer became co-editor of HAPLO’s Poetry Matters blog, where she reviewed other poets and poets’ books. Jennifer’s poetry has been featured on the Huffington Post, and since the publication of her first book, The Beach Tree: A Hawaiian Romance, Jennifer has

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