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Matt Cross, a former WWE star, exposes the “no concussion” movement

Matt Cross, a former WWE star, exposes the “no concussion” movement

A Former W.W.E. Wrestler Taps in Against Concussion Deniers

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In the world of professional wrestling, you’re never really safe from injuries and, more often than not, concussions aren’t funny. When you’re in a match, you’re always a little bit of a target. Especially when you’re the guy who loses.

The former WWE star currently working in the independent circuit of America’s wrestling industry, Matt Cross, has taken his story directly to Twitter to expose the “no concussion” movement to a national audience. As a result, he’s found himself under the radar as he details his battle with persistent headaches, dizziness, and a “mixed bag” of symptoms—including a loss of ability to perform some physical actions.

Matt’s Twitter post, which was inspired by the work of former pro wrestler and current head coach of the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame Al Snow, has had thousands of reactions and, at the time of this writing, he has been retweeted over 6,000 times.

The story of Cross, who used to be a professional wrestler and an NFL quarterback, began when he was preparing for the 2015 World Championships in a non-sanctioned match against Chris Benoit.

Wrestling can be a brutal sport as, as Cross explained, you’re in a cage with someone who is almost 400 pounds, and you are just barely a fly ball away from being struck by a car.

“This is what caused my concussions,” he said. “When you’re on top of someone who is over 400 pounds, you just have no room to get up and run, especially if you’re just gonna get caught in the corner.”

“I was so concerned I was going to be concussed I went into a

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