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Chris Cuomo ‘worked to save brother from being tarred by his past’

A new news report from two veteran CNN reporters claim that CNN chief news anchor Chris Cuomo has been heavily involved in the company’s efforts to clean up his brother Andrew’s domestic violence scandal.

Elizabeth Hurley’s sons react to inheritance funds

[email protected] Apparently. 😑 A post shared by Elizabeth Hurley (@elizabethhurley1) on Aug 11, 2018 at 11:14am PDT Elizabeth Hurley’s sons are less than pleased about how their mum is handling a $250 million inheritance.

Movie Review: The horror of Dennis Hopper’s final hours plays out in ‘Autopsy’

The shower and the Polaroid: seven minutes of a car ride holding back the past, a long, dark three minutes to anticipate. “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Dennis Hopper” brings these two horrific moments

Erotica and fleeting fame: the sex tape that really was a sex tape

The current feud between Kim Kardashian and La La Anthony may finally be over. La La’s estranged husband Carmelo Anthony has seen an increase in his media exposure over the last few weeks after

Wild cannabis world: How vaporized marijuana can cure so many ailments

Written by by Christopher Earl, CNN Meera and Leslie spend their days together on the dance floor of underground bars in Brooklyn. They smoke cigarettes and talk about the night’s events. Occasionally, they dance

Low-sodium diets: What are the ‘Blue Zones’ diet?

What is the Blue Zones diet? It’s a radical approach to eating that’s gaining ground on popular weight-loss plans. Looking more in the vein of The Master Cleanse and Dukan, it’s a weight- management

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Jax Taylor reveals he is ‘in the middle of five years of non-payment’

In his first sit-down interview since the financial troubles from which he has struggled for years were revealed, Jax Taylor opened up to FOX411 about the struggles that led to his undoing and his

Starbucks has a deal for the first day of fall. Here’s how to earn a free drink Wednesday

Starbucks has a deal for the first day of fall. Here's how to earn a free drink Wednesday The caffeine chain is offering a free beverage — one grande-sized Frappuccino or caramel macchiato, caramel

How have we become as bored with chicken as we were in college?

Wait, why should I just sit back and assume the chicken is still safe to eat? Well, this is one of those “how you doin’?” moments. It’s sort of like that scene in American

Tori Spelling tells Larry King she wants cheap booze for wedding

Tori Spelling dropped another bomb when she opened up about her marriage to Dean McDermott in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. The couple, which also stars in reality show “True Tori,” is facing mounting

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