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Girl Power: Where Girls Can Be More Than Just Designers

Hi everyone and welcome to the Pittsburgh Today Live Chat! Today we were joined by Drexel law student D’Montise White-Bryant, CEO and co- founder of FirstDoz – a girl power empowering startup empowering women,

2020 Tokyo Paralympics: Olympic legacy in history as opening ceremony takes center stage

Written by By Nancy Attwood, CNN By Nancy Attwood, CNN Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics issued a heartfelt plea for peace, ethics and human rights at the ceremony in central Tokyo on Friday.

Ryder Cup: The Americans, the weekend was all about (or rather, over) number 13

Since the iconic pin at Hazeltine National Golf Club was moved to its proper angle on Sunday, the entire week of the Ryder Cup in Minnesota has had an entirely different feel to it

Report: George W. Bush’s faith adviser called him a ‘racist’ and urged voters to reject him

WASHINGTON — Former President George W. Bush’s faith adviser, David A. Kuo, who ran an independent campaign for Congress against Liz Cheney, the nation’s first female vice president, once called the former president “racist

The terrible year that was, by 15-year-old teen victim Daxamay Battle

Gunned down in her car while waiting for a friend to pick her up. A mother left with a bullet in her back. A child who was born months before her killer was born.

Apple is reportedly planning a less expensive iPhone 14

After reporting its most profitable quarter ever in which it sold 61.3 million iPhones, Apple on Tuesday is expected to announce that an even more redesigned phone than the iPhone XS Max will be

Manhunt for killer of woman in North Sarasota area scaled back as body is found

The massive manhunt for convicted murderer Brian Laundrie scaled back after a mother-of-three was buried in Sarasota on Monday. Sarasota Sheriff’s Office issued an alert to patrol boats, dive teams and helicopters, announcing they

A comedian who played Ben Affleck’s dad in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is making a new show with Fred Armisen about a marriage...

Many dreams can come true. You can go to college, get a great job and marry your true love. But then there are dreams that pop up every once in a while, and you

What makes one of’s features better than the rest

This piece by xemi, who runs, tells us what makes one of’s featured news stories better than the rest It’s awesome news that a paper as old as Newsweek is going to

How big a problem is the opioid crisis? A question ‘that has little agreement across the country’

How big a problem is the opioid crisis? A question ‘that has little agreement across the country’ A doctor who has repeatedly campaigned against the prescription of addictive opioid painkillers says Americans still have

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