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The ACLU fights for Prabhdeep Singh Barua. We’ll fight to get him out of Facebook | Richard Ledgett

Prabhdeep Singh Barua is a young Indian IT expert who oversees Facebook pages for groups and individuals. Facebook administrators also appoint moderators to act as “representatives” to coordinate page edits with other admins. Barua

Disneyland Debuts Seasonal Coronavirus Updates for Season Passes

In response to the recent news of the seasonal coronavirus, Disneyland is updating its Pass Program to eliminate the need for renewal. Guests who plan to visit between now and October 31st are asked

Can you really bring your emotional support animal onto a plane now? Here’s what’s changed.

In October 2017, President Trump banned all U.S. citizens from traveling with any all non-essential items as a travel restriction. As a result, it was surprisingly legal for airlines to check bags which should

Does Fourvive have a future?

Among the growing 'hobby' communities on TikTok (as it's officially called) is the Fourvive service, which allows you to stream from your phone. But some have said Fourvive is poorly built and fun -

In China, solar power startups have been selling much of their oil to U.S. builders

Photo Some of the biggest solar companies in the United States, including First Solar, SolarCity and SunPower, have been stockpiling oil and natural gas products in part to feed their power-plant installation businesses, reported

Google’s app war with India app developers has adverse effects

As our data journalism series dives into the world of the new app economy , CNN speaks to the power play of a market that’s been waiting to be disrupted, except it won’t be

Am I Crazy? Like most people, I have a question: When is China going to

Mr. Yan’s recent rise as one of China’s most renowned and successful entrepreneurs points to a moment that the country is experiencing right now. In fact, he’s riding on it. In 2017, Mr. Yan

What are the rules about keeping the Suez Canal open?

Blockages in the Suez Canal, which pass through the bottom of one of the most significant waterways in the world, has been one of the major headaches plaguing the oil markets this summer. OPEC’s

Facebook must sell Instagram, WhatsApp after U.S. government steps in

Shares of social media giant Facebook fell on Tuesday after the U.S. government said it should sell its two biggest photo-sharing apps, Instagram and WhatsApp. The Economic Espionage Act will be used to have

20 Ways In Which The Year Of The Rabbit Is The Most Ridiculous!

1 – 2019, Mars(oh right – They are not currently on Mars. Did you know Mars celebrates its 445th anniversary later this year? 2 – 2014, Kanye West premiered the Yeezus track “Bound 2”

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