Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Philippine Boxing Star Manny Pacquiao To Run for Congress, Says President Duterte Violated Voting Rights

Photo Manny Pacquiao, the Philippine boxing star, is running for a seat in the House of Representatives in an attempt to outdo his rival, the incumbent congressman Andres Bautista, and finish the job that

The ACLU fights for Prabhdeep Singh Barua. We’ll fight to get him out of Facebook | Richard Ledgett

Prabhdeep Singh Barua is a young Indian IT expert who oversees Facebook pages for groups and individuals. Facebook administrators also appoint moderators to act as “representatives” to coordinate page edits with other admins. Barua

Disneyland Debuts Seasonal Coronavirus Updates for Season Passes

In response to the recent news of the seasonal coronavirus, Disneyland is updating its Pass Program to eliminate the need for renewal. Guests who plan to visit between now and October 31st are asked

Can you really bring your emotional support animal onto a plane now? Here’s what’s changed.

In October 2017, President Trump banned all U.S. citizens from traveling with any all non-essential items as a travel restriction. As a result, it was surprisingly legal for airlines to check bags which should

Charles Dunlop Studio designs ‘the most affordable live-in community’ for people with disability

Affordable & accessible to all – acclaimed wheelchair accessible design and fit out will be used to create a new independent living community for disabled people in Surrey A new residential home is being

Does Fourvive have a future?

Among the growing 'hobby' communities on TikTok (as it's officially called) is the Fourvive service, which allows you to stream from your phone. But some have said Fourvive is poorly built and fun -

China releases Canadian Meng Wanzhou from jail

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ms Meng was released on bail from the Vancouver jail on Saturday China has released a Canadian woman held for more than a month in a suspected drug

It’s not that the United States can’t do things right. It’s just doing them too slowly.

Sebastian, Canada. See that tree trunk? Its individual sections have been cut away in places. Now that we’ve grasped your point, let’s apply it to what’s taken place in recent years. The world has

Disabled passenger comforted by Muppet spider

Eldredge's parents took her to a vet in Cleveland and had her check out with a new medicine to calm her; shortly after, she had a seizure, underwent emergency surgery and spent two weeks

The Russian cyberattack to Germany led to the party that votes closest to Moscow losing a party leader

In light of last year's revelation that the Russian government was behind the cyberattack on the German federal election, NATO agreed last week to strengthen the alliance's defenses against potential attempts by Moscow to

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