Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Queensland: we need you to recognise my gender in law reform | Lauren Southern

Over half the world's 100m LGBTI people are expected to travel to the US or Australia this year in an estimated $520bn transnational tourism trade. So how can we ensure their safety? Lauren Southern

Those Spock-Spock lines could have been played out – until now

Though the first season of The Star Trek: Discovery didn't quite live up to the hype as some critics, and Enterprise-cred viewers, were hoping, there's still plenty to obsess over. Among the greater storylines

North Korea calls US characterization of ‘significant missile strides’ ‘a big nonsense’

Photo In a swift and robust response to a report that North Korea’s missile testing program has improved in recent months, Pyongyang’s foreign ministry expressed “regret” Monday over the United States “over setting up

Was Joe Biden’s Chrysler endorsement a missed opportunity for other

My 18-year-old daughter and I was calling around for a new car and stumbled upon this ad for the Cadillac, with its celebrity endorser. Joe Biden Gives Chrysler a Boost: https://t.co/t92v7flTl0 pic.twitter.com/PjITr92uPJ — PennLive

Poll: Infrastructure is the number one issue you want the President to talk about. Who do you agree with?

After the breakthrough and shocking defeat of the ‘Green New Deal’ in the House on Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to go big for her first big vote as Speaker, proposing to pass

Union chiefs sound the Brexit alarm over Britons’ offer of Visa for EU citizens in short-term

Dutch union leaders, not only in Britain but all around the EU, are quite unhappy that after months of wrangling the Brexit deadline has passed but British officials are now proposing residency visas for

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