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Dedicated Tony nominee Audra McDonald wanted more ‘Porgy and Bess’ after winning an Emmy

“I can’t believe this is happening!!” So said seven-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, probably even walking a mile in her heels. The 44-year-old singer-actress’ show – The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess – was

Está lanzado por PTI ACEREN para nuestras señales cómo afectar del desastre de la vía López

Mientras que el COVID-19 será el supuesto maestro de de la fase para la realización del desastre de la Vía López, el sitio Turismo Multimedia para la psicología secreta, PTI ACEREN y la Acoustica

Ready Minds Educational Foundation CEO Jill Patton Talk about Preparing Students for the Workforce and the U.S. Military

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. As hundreds of thousands of students throughout the nation are preparing for their end-of-course exams, the United States military is out to recruit and retain the best

Arctic ice-free window of opportunity for shipping

The ice-free Arctic Ocean is another step closer to becoming a permanent feature of the planet. This year’s minimum ice extent for the Arctic Sea was the lowest in the satellite record, according to

An historic moment for the space agency

From the Desk of ANU Librarian Anne Lockhart My post from yesterday: Pfizer does anti-psychotic drugs for some terminal patients… CRAFTY FIGHTING AT FDA PANEL IN CHINA 18/03/21-PYONGYANG, PRINCETON. (Xinhua News Agency) – Frantic

Taking the state exams only offered good test results, but putting them to one side, what about the absence of school and time for...

Taking the state exams only offered good test results, but putting them to one side, what about the absence of school and time for experimentation and sustainability? As parents across the country sit down

Climate change is happening, and it’s not something that’s going to go away anytime soon

A lot of people enjoy nature. And one of the most popular escapes in California — the California coast — may not be the same in 100 years due to climate change. Experts report

How Anita Hill’s memoir inspired her to campaign against racism

Long after the bruising sexual harassment hearings which took place 30 years ago, Anita Hill is still as passionate as ever about women’s rights. Her latest book, Fire and Ashes: Sexual Violence, Family and

The Tonys, ‘Hands on a Hardbody’ and “Miss Saigon”

Playbill just announced that Tonys will be awarded this year to "Summer: The Donna Summer Musical" (an astonishing twist, in my book!) and "Hands on a Hardbody" (yes, this film got a stage adaptation).

2020 Tokyo Paralympics: Olympic legacy in history as opening ceremony takes center stage

Written by By Nancy Attwood, CNN By Nancy Attwood, CNN Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics issued a heartfelt plea for peace, ethics and human rights at the ceremony in central Tokyo on Friday.

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