Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Police respond to massive party in Norway

At least 23 people were injured and another 19 were detained after a weekend in which huge numbers of young partyers descended on northern Norway to celebrate the country’s reduced duty of police on

Belarus opposition leader to receive first-ever Strassenkamera award

Leader of the Belarus opposition party, Vladimir Neklyayev, will be presented with the first-ever Strassenkamera awards by the Czech Broadcasting Union in Prague. Neklyayev, who has been serving an 11-year sentence for organizing “illegal

How much wisdom does Scholz bring to Europe?

Olaf Scholz, who has been the longest-serving member of Germany’s governing coalition, on Wednesday became the favorite to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s chancellor. Scholz, 55, who will most likely be one of Merkel’s

Trump and Putin meet face-to-face in Helsinki, but no statement emerges

The first discussion by the presidents of the United States and Russia on the Syria crisis ended in a “small meeting” without any official statement, their spokesman said on Monday. The meeting between the

Charles Dunlop Studio designs ‘the most affordable live-in community’ for people with disability

Affordable & accessible to all – acclaimed wheelchair accessible design and fit out will be used to create a new independent living community for disabled people in Surrey A new residential home is being

The Russian cyberattack to Germany led to the party that votes closest to Moscow losing a party leader

In light of last year's revelation that the Russian government was behind the cyberattack on the German federal election, NATO agreed last week to strengthen the alliance's defenses against potential attempts by Moscow to

‘La Música de una Ciudad’: A transgender Mexican’s life story

Written by Esteban Bustamante, CNN Mexico City Written by Esteban Bustamante, CNN Mexico City One of the most populous cities in Latin America, Mexico is home to more than 100 different religions and thousands

North Korea upholds constitution’s defense, self-defence principles

North Korea has upheld its founding principles of peace and self-defence in a newly released document used to commemorate the upcoming 60th anniversary of the founding of the Supreme People's Assembly. Despite boasting the

Taliban enact shaving, beard trimming ban for barbers in 1 Afghanistan province

Arts & Culture Taliban enact shaving, beard trimming ban for barbers in 1 Afghanistan province The Taliban are cracking down on bearded men in one of Afghanistan’s most rugged provinces, according to a Taliban

Indian farmers march against government program

Written by By Malumani Alagiri, CNN Once-major road and rail routes in parts of India were shut down over the weekend by angry farmers, who marched to demand more money to help them defray

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