Wednesday, October 20, 2021



How would you treat a CEO who only charges half of what her performance is worth?

As a warning to thousands of patients of potentially unreliable clinical data, Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos Inc, the Mountain View-based blood-testing company, took her problems to the 15th District Court in Alameda, California,

Amazon actually makes dog poop-proof toilet paper

It’s hard to keep track of the ridiculous retail demands made by some Amazon sellers, as the company tries to please just about anyone who wanders into a grocery store. As BuzzFeed reported on

Social media celebrities are self-medicating with free weed, we’ll reveal who

According to a report from Vice, performers and entertainers on Instagram have begun returning to the channels with shady "independent" marketing partnerships, exploiting the audience on their platform for extra income. The celebrities, including

Elizabeth Holmes fails: a remarkable life – and her current fate

Rob Stein's never-ending series on Theranos is finally coming to an end and with a bang. In this week's issue, Elizabeth Holmes is being tried and convicted on 13 counts of fraud and malice.

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