Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Let’s talk about privacy. But not online security.

Laura Mazzoni’s recent op-ed in The New York Times is the most obvious expression yet of a controversial new approach to Internet communication. As of next week, Twitter and other social networks will allow

Scary statistics for the festive season

American consumers will spend a record $10 billion on candy, decorations and pets this Halloween, according to an annual survey of family budgets by cash back site CardHub.com. A third of Americans who participated

Movie Review: The horror of Dennis Hopper’s final hours plays out in ‘Autopsy’

The shower and the Polaroid: seven minutes of a car ride holding back the past, a long, dark three minutes to anticipate. “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Dennis Hopper” brings these two horrific moments

Did Kim Kardashian hire private investigator to follow Carmelo Anthony?

By Shivani Vora, CNN Kim Kardashian has been accused of hiring a private investigator to check on estranged NBA star Carmelo Anthony's new girlfriend La La Anthony. Media reports say the NBA star was

Wild cannabis world: How vaporized marijuana can cure so many ailments

Written by by Christopher Earl, CNN Meera and Leslie spend their days together on the dance floor of underground bars in Brooklyn. They smoke cigarettes and talk about the night’s events. Occasionally, they dance

I shared my comedy videos so others could see what death looks like – and they liked it

If you were to post a video of your (possibly fake) funeral, Facebook users could see it for the first time, as one US Twitter user’s account is using the social network to share

Low-sodium diets: What are the ‘Blue Zones’ diet?

What is the Blue Zones diet? It’s a radical approach to eating that’s gaining ground on popular weight-loss plans. Looking more in the vein of The Master Cleanse and Dukan, it’s a weight- management

Rap artist blasts gay men while rapping about gun violence, pollution, Hillary Clinton

During a freestyle rap with Tory Lanez at the music festival, DaBaby went on a long and loud homophobic rant that, according to spectators, seemed to target primarily “the queer black men in this

Starbucks has a deal for the first day of fall. Here’s how to earn a free drink Wednesday

Starbucks has a deal for the first day of fall. Here's how to earn a free drink Wednesday The caffeine chain is offering a free beverage — one grande-sized Frappuccino or caramel macchiato, caramel

How have we become as bored with chicken as we were in college?

Wait, why should I just sit back and assume the chicken is still safe to eat? Well, this is one of those “how you doin’?” moments. It’s sort of like that scene in American

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