Swiss government backs gay marriage vote

Image copyright Le Monde The Swiss government has bowed to public opinion and approved same-sex marriage, following a nationwide referendum on Tuesday night. A majority … Read more


Merkel’s party suffer historic defeat

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats have suffered a stunning defeat in national elections, with their worst result in decades and further weaken her hand … Read more


Police respond to massive party in Norway

At least 23 people were injured and another 19 were detained after a weekend in which huge numbers of young partyers descended on northern Norway to celebrate the country’s reduced duty of police on


Belarus opposition leader to receive first-ever Strassenkamera award

Leader of the Belarus opposition party, Vladimir Neklyayev, will be presented with the first-ever Strassenkamera awards by the Czech Broadcasting Union in Prague. Neklyayev, who has been serving an 11-year sentence for organizing “illegal


How much wisdom does Scholz bring to Europe?

Olaf Scholz, who has been the longest-serving member of Germany’s governing coalition, on Wednesday became the favorite to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s chancellor. Scholz, 55, who will most likely be one of Merkel’s