Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Girl Power: Where Girls Can Be More Than Just Designers

Hi everyone and welcome to the Pittsburgh Today Live Chat!

Today we were joined by Drexel law student D’Montise White-Bryant, CEO and co-founder of FirstDoz – a girl power empowering startup empowering women, mother and innovator.

MacDuffie and Ventura spoke at length about the importance of girls coding – and the steps they took to help her realize her dream of being the FIRST Girl in American history. MacDuffie was excited to address the entrepreneurial space where women currently hold just 12% of the total jobs.

D’Montise chatted with us about first-generation student underrepresented in STEM fields as a youth, and the importance of the ‘G.O.Y’ movement – and shared her story of how she redefined your girl.

(To watch the full conversation, just click here)

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