Tuesday, October 19, 2021

How technology companies want to protect mobile users

For years, it’s been a simple rule for anyone wanting to protect a device from hackers: System Update. This method of security is already beginning to change because more people want to avoid it. This week, an aide to a top Democratic lawmaker revealed that the aide set up VPNs to keep FBI surveillance equipment out of her Washington home in an attempt to prevent the agency from “using [her] phone to do surveillance on her.”

Earlier this month, a couple of dozen of wireless equipment makers met in San Francisco to discuss their concerns with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai on the rapid growth of 5G technology. They painted a picture of a world that wants faster Internet access and more opportunities, but one in which the nature of security is rapidly shifting to the backseat as mobile giants work to establish monopolies in their own form of proprietary standards.

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