Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Charles Dunlop Studio designs ‘the most affordable live-in community’ for people with disability

Affordable & accessible to all – acclaimed wheelchair accessible design and fit out will be used to create a new independent living community for disabled people in Surrey

A new residential home is being created for the new community of independent living at Battersea, Buckinghamshire by Surrey-based Charles Dunlop Studio.

Red Covid is a high-quality independent living community for disabled people which will use the designs and fit out of Royal Saxonay to create a new, independent community based around its essential tenets of quality and social cohesion.

Designed by Charles Dunlop Studio, Red Covid will be located at Raj Singh Arya & Renz County Park in Battersea. The development will consist of 69 homes, with 81 per cent accessible by wheelchair.

To maximise accommodation, the main living spaces will be split into five 1,400 sq ft units for support and sensory living and will contain direct access double glazing on the bedrooms. Each unit will have access to a private indoor WC, a deep bath and shower, en-suite shower, dishwasher and microwave plus a dressing room and basins. All kitchens will be fitted with Miele top of the range appliances.

The resulting layout is designed to create a cosy atmosphere, which will also allow for independent living. Although the homes will be completely independent, they will have rooms for intimate personal time.

The residential community at Red Covid is anticipated to offer 43 different live-in jobs for disabled people. All of the jobs will be given priority to disabled people and those with a disability should be able to get a job in their chosen sector, either as a housekeeper, carer, or cleaner.

The accommodation will be self-sufficient, and all of the ingredients for cooking, washing, cleaning and even taking long drives are situated within the development, along with an emphasis on physical activity, outdoor recreation and entertainment.

It is hoped the residential community will become a hub for local disabled people and will generate funds and employment opportunities for the local economy. The land was donated by Raj Singh Arya, the former owner of Mafra Hospital, and his widow.

John Dunlop, director at Charles Dunlop Studio, commented: ‘It is our ambition that, whilst at the same time creating a positive psychological impact, the building and the environment as a whole will bring inspiration and a sense of shared community.’

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