Friday, October 22, 2021

A ‘Danger to the Nation’: DOJ Alleges ‘Nicotine Free’ Products Meaningless

More people may want to try vaping this summer, but now the FDA is warning them that they may want to start with some plain old tobacco before moving on to vaporizers.

The FDA asked all tobacco companies to submit data on the health risks associated with the additive nicotine to help establish what exactly constitutes a “nicotine free product.”

The agency will make a decision by Oct. 1.

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The FDA proposed that its rules not just limit the amount of nicotine included in vapor products, but also whether a product can even be labeled a nicotine-free product if it contains the ingredient.

That’s a disaster for companies like VapeWorks, which makes a Juul e-cigarette that users say turns them into “flower people.”

Charles C. W. Cooke, senior editor at National Review, said there’s a big difference between not letting tobacco companies keep putting more nicotine in their products and doing something similar to VapeWorks and Juul.

He said it’s a slightly different matter if Juul is just a nicotine-free product, and not a de facto tobacco product at all.

So, is it OK to use a vape pen if it says it’s nicotine-free, as Juul does? Or should the FDA declare it a tobacco product, essentially banning it?

Watch the discussion above.

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