Monday, October 18, 2021

Florida governor Ron DeSantis calls out ‘liberal left’s demagoguery’ at anti-abortion event

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At a right-to-life event, DeSantis laid into criticism of his stance and reaffirmed that he favors avoiding a ‘war on women’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has already made headlines by not celebrating the historic lawsuit being filed on behalf of his two daughters.

On Monday, his tone became more combative as he addressed reporters at a Miami-area right-to-life event.

“I want to say something about the liberal left’s demagoguery that’s accompanied by opportunism and dishonesty,” DeSantis said, standing next to his daughters, whose names were redacted.

The lawsuit, pending in the US district court for the Southern District of Florida, would seek to overturn the state’s abortion law and would challenge a restriction recently imposed by Florida’s governor, Rick Scott.

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Scott’s law, which has been nicknamed the “heartbeat bill” after the instance at which a fetus can survive outside the womb, was praised by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature and signed by the Republican governor.

The law would ban a procedure known as “intact dilation and extraction” that Democrats and many abortion rights activists refer to as the “horror procedure”.

Scott’s law has been challenged in the high court, but if the state loses then a new law similar to DeSantis’s – based around the same standard used in the Roe v Wade decision – would take its place.

The introduction of the bill, by which DeSantis and Scott envisioned abortion would end, outraged many in liberal enclaves of the state.

“I am really worried about this governor and our children,” declared Sarah Deer, a reporter from TCPalm in Pensacola, Florida, adding that many of her readers wished their children were different races.

Many of Florida’s high profile media personalities, including Broward County mayor and The Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Smith, shared pictures of a pregnant Deer, along with their angry comments.

The governor stood by his daughters, however, denouncing criticism of his position.

“This is, number one, a judiciary issue,” DeSantis said of criticism regarding Scott’s bill, reiterating his desire that women be made aware of the procedures available to them.

“It has been trashed because the left has a campaign button for 2020,” DeSantis said, before emphasizing that his daughters’ “name is legally protected” and affirmed that he favored avoiding a “war on women”.

No reporters in the room were told that a version of the same bill was found to have been crafted and pre-approved by former Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus before his stepping down in August.

“This is a very, very clear attack on the rights of women, and not just in Florida,” DeSantis said.

More than 200 women have signed up to join the case, including from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the National Women’s Law Center and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

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