Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Erotica and fleeting fame: the sex tape that really was a sex tape

The current feud between Kim Kardashian and La La Anthony may finally be over. La La’s estranged husband Carmelo Anthony has seen an increase in his media exposure over the last few weeks after dissing him on social media, but rumors are now circulating that perhaps the Anthony’s feud with Kim stemmed from a different place altogether: Carmelo’s alleged sex tape. The celebrity rumors started last week after La La was pictured with a man near her left breast – a scandalously close view of Anthony’s wife’s breasts – followed up by a public post on the corner of herself and her estranged husband. Since the news of these photographs surfaced, La La has announced that she has only ever been with Carmelo. So, how did one rumors of a sex tape finally force both Carmelo and La La to come out on the same side?

Reports state that Anthony told the private investigator that Kim wanted to know where La La was going to have a baby with her own, and despite the fact that she now had not been in Carmelo’s presence for months, Kim allegedly hired the alleged private detective to find her La La’s place of employment. Since Anthony wanted nothing to do with the business and the private investigator ended up discovering that he was speaking to a photo journalist for a major magazine, the matter was long since dropped. And now that this, that and the other has been documented, La La has released a video, in which she announces her separation from Carmelo, followed by a lengthy explanation for why she is doing so.

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