Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Children Are Now Charged With Their Own Online Privacy


Facebook calls it the 20 percent rule: When discussing online privacy on a Web forum, people often refer to 20 percent as the rule that says that 20 percent of a statement is the same as 20 percent of the whole.

The internet has not yet solved the privacy issue, but it’s leading to new ways of helping kids — whose privacy is often their most lucrative and attractive asset on social media — to manage it. By coordinating with the authorities and working with companies to make explicit the terms of use, this new generation of child protectors is preparing a new standard for privacy on the internet.

To begin with, remember that Facebook, along with most other social media platforms, doesn’t have special privileges for parents. They are all pretty much equal, and they all have to account for your child, and you, as parents.

The roles on the family site have already begun to evolve, and they are designed to protect children. I frequently see parents building something in a way that addresses their children’s questions and interests, rather than posting explicitly. They do a much better job than I ever did.

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