Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Three Reasons Why It’s Hard to Resist Signing Up for a Credit Card


What looks like efficient, dutiful discipline, seems even more haphazard.

That’s what an impulsive Visa survey found when it asked people: “In the last five years, have you thought about using your Visa card at a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel or a store that accepts cards — but then you never did?”

“Chances are you have or will,” the survey found.

The most common answer? Maybe. It’s half the number who said they’d do it in the first place, though.

The survey found that about one in five people, or 24 percent, said they’d think about using a card but never do. Another 12 percent, 18 percent, said it was too tempting to give in, and another 14 percent said it was too close to their actual behavior.

The worst, the survey found, was that 27 percent of people had gone to a coffee shop and found out that the place only accepts debit and credit cards — despite them not having any, themselves. Others stopped at a pharmacy, only to find out that the pharmacy only accepts plastic.

For most people, using a card is a last resort, the survey found. Of all Visa members who said they’d used their cards, only 8 percent said they’d used them “anywhere” more than once, but 56 percent said they’d used them at work or school.

Those paying for items at a store should go the extra mile to check if the merchant accepts it. If it does, it’s a good idea to order more than the product you want, because you might find that additional amount will qualify for a free product.

In other words, make sure you’re not putting yourself in a bind.

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