Friday, October 22, 2021

How to get the best delivery in London

Faced with the tired cliché of ordering food from delivery apps, perhaps it’s best just to stick to ordering it from the comfort of your own abode (it’s not just the restaurants that are mad for mobile access – giving the entire population a taste of the kind of food that these apps are about is a logical and inevitable extension).

But there is a lot to be said for innovation in the food delivery field, and there are some apps doing a lot of fun and useful things, and of course there are some making money hand over fist.

Some apps are focused on location-based delivery, others are restaurant-specific and others range from eating establishments to things like fast food. But there are many more out there than I can recall in this space. So we asked a number of services they covered that we know a bit about to tell us their favourite apps, with a particular emphasis on which apps are the worst – and the solutions that you might use to deal with all this food delivery nonsense.

In the video below, YouTube chef Mike Nielsen shows off Yelp’s decent restaurant ratings for London. My favourite is Pigeon & Planes, because you don’t have to tell it how to best improve its quality, as there’s nobody around to stop it.

Another big name in the UK: hailing and text plus pizza

And there are plenty of restaurants, delivery apps and food clubs available, to choose from – and we’ve picked out three of the better ones. In fact, we’ve also got a song to go with our video, sung by Ronan Keating.

A recently released price comparison and review site – dig through the video to see how it did.

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Update 17 June: we’ve now published a video looking at Deliveroo and a Q&A with Deliveroo’s chief executive Brodie Clark.

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