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Taliban enact shaving, beard trimming ban for barbers in 1 Afghanistan province

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Taliban enact shaving, beard trimming ban for barbers in 1 Afghanistan province The Taliban are cracking down on bearded men in one of Afghanistan’s most rugged provinces, according to a Taliban spokesman. Read More By Null / September 17, 2018

“Shaving and beard trimming are forbidden in Chahar Dal” the Taliban spokesman said, which means that the area in southern Afghanistan where the area in the area in which almost all the fighting happens is under Taliban control. The area where this might sound sort of ridiculous because you think to yourself: “But how can they possibly be concerned about a man with a beard?” It’s like how international drug cartel decide what drugs to ban. Who cares!

“After the election of the new government, about 1,500 violations of Shari’a law in this region of Sharan were witnessed by Naib haters,” the Taliban spokesman said, using the Arabic term for Islam. The spokeswoman also said that they will officially ban grooming until elections in Afghanistan on Oct. 20.

“All warriors with a beard are prohibited to be in [a] mosque on Shari’a prescribed days” according to the Taliban spokesman. Or go to a celebration of a local festival. Or anything that involves a human being interacting with another human being, but if it’s an animal, you can go ahead and be in a zoo. They won’t be able to see you, but they can still remember who you are.

For those unaware of the Taliban, they are not really interested in banning beards. One of the reasons that the Taliban are so bad is because of their anti-Islamic actions. But do they want to be known as the beard dudes? The beard dudes? Surely they would rather be known as Islam’s answer to the Taliban! If you run a radio station, you have to have a beard. You’ve got to have a beard to run a news station. You’ve got to have a beard to shoot your gun. You’ve got to have a beard to assassinate your enemies.

Of course this doesn’t mean that people are going to start getting rid of their beards. It will just be harder to go to the barber, which is where most of the men’s grooming happens anyway. Most of the in the crew in Afghan army bases look like they come from a scout camp, not what one would expect to see in a military base in Afghanistan. Someone will be taking care of the beard business while we think about how these beards and brusque beards come into conflict with the tenets of their religion. In Afghan fighting style, they have a sword and a gun—which are a lot safer than a beardless face.

This is just the latest in the number of policies that are under consideration by Afghanistan as the election approaches. Recently, Afghanistan banned TV programs, radio stations, and mobile phones which are all out of Taliban control. Afghanistan are also hoping to implement Sharia law and replace the law of the land with Sharia law.

Is it possible that all that is going to be done before the election is simply to make a warlord warlord warlord leader. You’re looking at the Marja river in Afghanistan. The water now shows how the Taliban controlled the river in the past. To go through the Taliban, it first has to cross the Marja river, pass through a clutch of tribal villages, and then it gets to the Taliban. Imagine how they’re going to handle this new regulation on beard grooming!

This coming from people who constantly support the Syrian regime. It’s all about being truthful.

Well, I guess this is really about the beard.

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Image by Genevieve Almeida via Getty Images.

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