Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Idaho teen’s Instagram ‘age verification’ app ignites outcry over Facebook policy

Facebook isn’t ready to say where its Instagram app lies in terms of age.

“At Facebook, we care deeply about safety and preventing underage people from being exposed to content they shouldn’t see,” a spokesman for the company told Fox News. “That’s why, in accordance with our policies, Instagram does not allow people under the age of 13 to use the app.”

Unlike its parent company, Facebook has a nearly one million year old policy to prevent minors from using the social media site, reports Quartz. A new app for Instagram, called Age ID, is designed to generate a product that would allow retailers, restaurant service providers and software developers to verify customers are, in fact, over the age of 13.

A Tumblr post detailed this alarming plan, saying that after a false positive a parent would receive a phone call confirming that their child was underage.

Yet the app’s creator Ryan Wolfson, 37, claims this isn’t the case and that it was created to inform customers. “Why age certification is something every company does — not just Facebook and I’ve been researching why since April — and why this type of certification should apply to products, services, and software that could potentially impact our environment, our economy, our healthcare, and our relationships.”

A Facebook spokesman tells Fox News that the company doesn’t know whether the app is coming soon.

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