Friday, October 22, 2021

The early effects of an early winter storm

The lower 48 states are scattered across the eastern and southern United States — a region that is set to receive the brunt of damaging winds, periods of freezing rain and heavy snowstorms from Sunday through Monday.

Maps updated Friday evening showed that parts of Georgia and North Carolina, and areas in the plains, could be hit with major blizzard conditions from Monday. Other maps have already pinpointed areas to be hit with brutal ice and rain storms this weekend. The most severe storm is forecast to hit Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and the Ohio Valley Sunday into Monday.

The temperatures are expected to plunge as far as the Virginia, falling below zero to near freezing, while snowfall accumulations will extend from the Great Lakes states in Indiana, through the northern reaches of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York and through Michigan.

The storm will likely have enough energy to bring freezing rain and heavy snowstorms to a large part of the lower 48 states. The storm will affect everyone, but it is unlikely to be felt in the Great Lakes states, where there will be a substantial temperature difference in the precipitation.

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