Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to shut down Democrat voters

With national Republicans placing cyber-security at the forefront of their election day strategy, Pennsylvania Republicans are subpoenaing—or arresting—millions of voter records in an attempt to identify “how many ballots have not been cast.”

In August, the Pennsylvania Republican Party subpoenaed the record of every voter in the state, along with their party affiliation, age, gender, and voting history. Citing a formal data request made with the Pennsylvania Department of State, the Republican Party argued in a letter that “policies and procedures for provisional balloting that are presently in effect at polling stations in Pennsylvania, that are known to be systematically unreliable and vulnerable to fraud,” calls for more “punitive measures” that would disproportionately benefit Republican candidates.

And now, amid the anti-Trump and anti-Hillary primary battles for the Republican nomination for president, Pennsylvania Republicans are providing Democrat Democrats with this official directive: Settle down, Democrats, and pay attention to your taxpayer-funded critics.

If you get subpoenaed, head on down to a party headquarters office and provide the voter information requested within 48 hours. If not, get ready to face an orange-haired, bear-wielding Hugo Chavez. (Waiting in the wings: That suspicious email that may have been intercepted by the Russians.) Pennsylvanians who do not comply with the Republican party’s subpoena will have the information “quarantined in a secure location for a complete quarantine of all information contained within” and are “unwilling to receive any additional information regarding the data.” As for “time sensitive” information, certain information will “be purged after 1 day.” Pennsylvania Republicans’ office in Harrisburg has been provided with information on sending the memo, and they’re urging their party members in other districts to follow suit.

Republican Pennsylvania staffers are sharing the memo and its copycat notes on Facebook, where its general focus is to mobilize the state’s local Trump supporters, most of whom live in rural or suburban districts across the state. Among the steps urged, the Republican memo references an “effective voter suppression strategy,” to urge local Trump backers to coerce Democratic voters into failing to vote:

Trump supporters in districts where Trump got less than 10% of the vote can help “push a tidal wave of never to vote” toward Republican candidates. Some may be hesitant and unsure how to affect this “struggle for sovereignty.” Once you have a list, contact us on Facebook. Should you have more information, please contact us directly: [email protected]

On social media, the message has become a popular, and often hysterical, rallying cry among activists and fuming national Republicans. One of the memes circulating on Twitter shows a crazed, bow-tied Donald Trump. “Let’s not forget our troops and veterans who risk their lives for us,” says the post’s caption. “Vote for the party that has a policy to fix things.” The image has received more than 350 likes, with thousands of shares, since being shared on Oct. 1.

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