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Rap artist blasts gay men while rapping about gun violence, pollution, Hillary Clinton

During a freestyle rap with Tory Lanez at the music festival, DaBaby went on a long and loud homophobic rant that, according to spectators, seemed to target primarily “the queer black men in this city.”

DaBaby got down on the mic with Tory Lanez during a freestyle (via Complex) pic.twitter.com/BzJNqCD5Jf — Holly (@HolaComplex) June 24, 2016

“I get a ni**a always lusting for women to kiss or f**k, but look, man, I’m a hip-hop superstar in this city that’s been burning up the top records and sh*t for over a decade now, and yet you still f*** for the second time in a month,” he rapped.

But he said nothing about being uninterested in gay or bi men and only gave a pair of homoerotic greetings when the crowd booed the most vocal homophobic lyrics. He also referred to his audience as “bitches n*ggas” and “maggots” when a stage hand brought up water to cool the crowd down after his rant.

After calling gay men “poof-ass bitches” during his freestyle with Tory Lanez (which has gone viral on Twitter), his full rant begins below.

“Now it’s funny when y’all freestyle,” he said as a reference to the crowd booing. “But y’all don’t know the chick got a poof-ass dude to her right now. It’s kinda funny. I’m one of those dudes that fuck for the second time in a month, nigga, bruh, I get a little flustered, ’cause I’m there eating up on the limelight. But at the same time, I hear people saying that we don’t really like gay people. And I love gay people. I’m a muthafucka that fuck white ni**as for the second time in a month, you see what I’m saying? And at the same time, me, I f*** for the second time in a month.”

At the same time, he attacks the police, saying that his police officer sister busted a pregnant friend for underage drinking and being out past curfew.

“I fuck white ni**as for the second time in a month, and I’m not scared of white ni**as,” he said. “But if I’m with a ni**a, then guess what? If you f**k for the second time in a month, guess what? You’re gonna go to jail. You see what I’m saying? And you’re gonna play dumb. It’s not gonna happen. You’re gonna call me, whatever.”

At that point, he goes on to explain that the police arrested his own sister for underage drinking and “pissed” off the people who were there to watch her rap. He performed the remainder of his freestyle solo and for the rest of the night.

He then went back into the audience to let fans know that “he’s gay,” but then said that “f****t bitch s**t” may have played a role in his homophobia.

“Yeah, I know I’m a f****t,” he said. “I know y’all wrong, but I’m straight. It’s too much gay s**t going on in this city. And it’s too much f***ing s**t going on in this city that they don’t even know about, to be honest.”

He also criticized people who take drugs — “snorting coke like it’s peanut butter,” he said — and sing in the church and appeared to call out the people who could be HIV positive and “living with the disease.”

He ended the rant by yelling a very homophobic song’s lyric, rapping, “I can’t f*** with a nigga with HIV!”

Read the full story at Complex.


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