Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Craft Beer: Nothing But Love

People can get beers for a great deal by holding the fridge door open or pulling a dog out and signing a waiver for beer delivery. Instead, brewers are putting pay to the transfer of emotion with something far more organic.

Brewers across the US have created lovey, sweet beers specifically for musicians in need of a bit of Henny Penny. BrewNews has learned that several breweries are helping musicians—their peers, perhaps?—with the type of beer for which you drink it out of a festive punchbowl.

The owners of two breweries, Looptail Brewing in Dayton, Ohio, and Double Eagle Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, each started something a little different.

Double Eagle Brewery has collaborated with singer-songwriter John Legend to create Sweet John, which launched on 3 March. The 24-year-old drummer and musical prodigy Elliott Brodsky features on the label, keeping Sweet John’s adorable mini-skirt look. Only a few hundred bottles have been released thus far, and they are currently only available on the brewery’s website or by calling 414-227-4369.

The Looptail Brewing team gave a unique gift to singer and George Washington University graduate Jeff Coffin this month. To honor his two-year National Guard service, which in 2014 introduced the group to a tough (and frightening) problem: Some of his soldiers had just returned from long deployments in the Middle East and had begun experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Coffin told Looptail Brewing founder Joe Patterson about his own combat experiences, prompting the group to create a beer to help end the stigma of PTSD.

Looptail Brewing is releasing its first batch of Hoops Salted Nuts Beer this May.

The collaboration resulted in an ale (Hoops Salted Nuts) that had a mild salted caramel flavor paired with a triple, an amber chocolate brown, and an orange and ginger IPA. The labels were designed by astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s son, Douglas, and sprung from the same pale yellow as their father’s jumpsuit. While the recipe is unclassified, the link between the artist and the beer’s title is fairly obvious.

Looptail Brewing’s collaboration is going to be helping in a great way. The number of military veterans playing in the military and on college campuses is quickly increasing, and many of those artists are still serving in the National Guard. Coincidence? Not possible!

Craft beer and community supported breweries are increasingly important to breweries, and other businesses. In a recent Inside Story, we explored how the 20% year-over-year increase in beer (in volume, too) is good for the brewery, allowing them to pay workers a livable wage, where others in the beer industry can’t.

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