Monday, October 18, 2021

Emma Watson admits she knows Brandon Green, son of a British billionaire

While being svelte and impeccably groomed for her latest photo shoot for Time Out New York, Emma Watson, champion of feminism, seems positively orange, but she revealed that she once had a friendship with the son of a UK billionaire.

Watson and David Beckham have led celebrity endorsements of the brand made by Green’s son Brandon, which aims to sell apparel for both men and women that sends a message of gender equality. Watson told the New York Times she has friended Brandon Green on Instagram. Watson said she thought it was a coincidence that the two young men were holding hands on the runway of Brandon’s fashion show last year.

Emma Watson and Brandon Green (centre) at the Brandon By Zero 7 menswear SS13 show in Paris. Photograph: Thierry Orban/Getty Images

It might have been a coincidence, but Watson said the pair “are on good terms – they’ve been friends ever since they met,” but neither she nor Green was inclined to disclose much more. “We’re not going to discuss what we’ve been up to,” Watson told the Times.

Watson, 25, said she started to notice the shift towards a more feminist society in her early teens, but she was conscious that more needed to be done. “What I realised in my early teens is that I should never spend time worrying about what people think. The most important thing is to take care of myself,” she said.

Her work with the HeForShe movement through which she campaigned against sexual harassment and his club work for Manchester United and in making ethical clothing raised awareness of gender equality issues.

Emma Watson (centre), centre-left, in conversation with Syrian refugee Taye Hamed at the UJCC/Sotheby’s #UnitedPressed Futures in New York in 2016. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Green founded the two clothing brands – Brandon By Zero 7 and Ambush – in 2015, as an attempt to promote equal relationships between men and women.

Brandon was a guest at the UJCC/Sotheby’s #UnitedPressed Futures dinner in New York last year, where Watson spoke about her advocacy. She was also a guest of honour at the Women in the World summit in Washington DC last April.

Watson said he was an important part of her well-rounded life: “He was instrumental in raising consciousness about the issue of gender equality through his fashion. We have similar values about fairness and equality, and we’re both optimistic about the future.”

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