Tuesday, October 19, 2021

What makes one of Newsweek.com’s features better than the rest

This piece by xemi, who runs Newsweek.com, tells us what makes one of Newsweek.com’s featured news stories better than the rest

It’s awesome news that a paper as old as Newsweek is going to restart, or have left, a print publication, and it’s equally great news to hear that we’re about to start producing the good stuff in the digital world as well. As you may know, we are no stranger to producing new technology and journalism, and even started some fun fan fiction about our official launch with Newsweek’s own Ezra Klein. But the future of the news still holds exciting possibilities for us at Newsweek.com. We’re ready to explore news organizations across the web and on multiple platforms.

Our readers expect that we’ll carry their need for information just as important as it was on the day we first launched. That’s our responsibility, and we’ll never back down from that.

The latest images from Newsweek.com show Meredith Whitney – famous for her bankruptcy analysis – but these aren’t just the latest images of the star: some are a sneak peek at what our redesigned site will look like once it launches on Sept. 16, while others show the prospect of the future.

We’re now working towards revamping our iPad app, which is an app designed to work with the iPad. In the meantime, the most recent images show you what the news organization is working on: our first chief innovation officer, Andrew Levy; covering newsworthy topics in a new way; and finally, we’re working on a schedule for getting new news out the door each day. Stay tuned.

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