Friday, October 22, 2021

Microsoft is testing out new software for bypassing new password requirements

Last year, Microsoft changed the whole concept of passwords forever. Starting on October 11, all users who wish to access their accounts will need to create a one-time code sent over SMS or an app.

Once you activate the password change, you won’t have to remember or think about password. Instead, you’ll be able to login with a text message which your phone will automatically enter. Additionally, users who have signed up for Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage can also sign in with a separate Microsoft account if they’ve opted in to the service. That means users will be able to login to various websites and services without remembering a cumbersome and complicated password.

However, Microsoft wouldn’t reveal how the process actually works. Users have been understandably skeptical of the change. After all, in the five years since the feature was announced, there has been little data on how to generate and maintain strong password strength. Luckily, it appears Microsoft has been listening to users and it has recently rolled out a workaround for signing in without using the new Windows app and SMS code prompts.

You can now try out the password change in the Microsoft Edge browser. But a few Redditors report that instead of logging in through Microsoft Edge, they are now popping up in the Microsoft Sign-In Settings list within the “See My Sign-In” section of the Edge settings. This appears to be a sneaky way to bypass the SMS prompts, which aren’t showing up in Microsoft Edge anymore.

This is how to bypass the new Microsoft password system. — Jesus Luz (@zluz_) September 12, 2018

Several other Windows users, like AnonAbe, reported that, as a result of today’s change, they cannot login to their online services with their correct passwords. On Reddit, several users also seem to be having trouble logging into the Windows Sign-In Settings listing. How is Microsoft planning to address this?

You have four options.

If you use your phone, you can now log in with an app instead of using the OneDrive app.

To try out the new OneDrive password feature, download an app like WinSync, which allows you to access your Microsoft OneDrive files and folders directly from your phone. The app needs to be registered to your OneDrive account.

If you want to open OneDrive and plug your PC, you can now do so with a USB cable.

If you just want to use OneDrive for easy access to your files from your PC, you can continue to log in with your device.

We’ll wait to hear from Microsoft to find out what the next steps for users are. In the meantime, it seems that they’ve taken a lot of heat for their new system. Are you excited about the change? What do you think of the workaround? Share your thoughts below.

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