Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stewart Parnell: 9 beers & one beer for an amputee guitar maker

Nine beers from Craft Brew Alliance’s (CBA) Kona Brewing and Stone Brewing helped raise money for acoustic guitar maker Detticraft.

A company started in 1965 to provide guitar-making tools to musicians, this co-founder died unexpectedly at age 53 from carbon monoxide poisoning last year. Mr. Detticraft, as he was affectionately known, made all his own guitars and gave them to guitarists for free, including Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Iggy Pop, and more.

After being made aware of Mr. Detticraft’s death, Detticraft founder Chris Humphreys was inspired to launch this fundraising effort to help musicians in need. He called on Detticraft customers to donate $1 to the family in hopes of lifting their spirits, as well as having this specific brewer and brewer’s brewery team up and pitch in as well.

CEO and founder Graham Cawley recognized the need to help musicians, the product he personally wanted to provide a new instrument to, since he was a teenager going to music lessons and teachers’ instrument stores.

He wanted to be able to offer an instrument that could last for 10 years to musicians so that they could learn a new song every night. “I figured this would be a great solution for students,” says Cawley.

To celebrate the launch of this fundraising effort, the brewery and brewing company teamed up and created a bottle with a special label. It contained two beers, one owned by Stone Brewing, which had already made a donation, and one owned by Kona Brewing Company that had not.

Cawley says that breweries typically work very closely with all of their customers to come up with an awesome idea that raises money for a good cause. “Typically, we try to work with them on a package that is unique and special, that the community gets excited about and they like to promote. This just happened to hit both of those nails at the same time.”

Stone and Kona Brewing have that same dedication, and the two breweries also brewed up a special new lager called “Rock On,” which is brewed with love for musicians and funds the fight to find a cure for cervical cancer by way of SMART Girls, an organization that raises money for research for cervical cancer as well as publishes and distributes an annual magazine that encourages girls to live an active, smart, and creative life.

Cawley was excited to get involved and create a new product to help Mr. Detticraft, who he met by chance. The two were in a local TV commercial together. “I was introduced to Chris [Humphreys] from the Detticraft community. He told me about his dad’s unfortunate passing, and asked if I would like to participate in the fundraising campaign for the family. I did, and everyone’s response was amazing.”

Nine Kona and Stone beers were brewed and bottled by a staff of brewers and employees. They donated their profits to the Detticraft family, and every bottle or can sold is giving money to the affected family. “They’re promoting the new product every time they sell one. They’re not selling it, they’re donating it,” says Cawley.

The bottles are going fast and being sold for a very low price of $9. The special labels are also not being kept for long. The label is a tribute to Mr. Detticraft, which shows images of his favorite musicians, including Mr. Cawley’s favorite, Neil Young. “The label represents the musical talent of one of his daughters. She played the ukulele and sang. He was also an avid picker of the blues. You can see his guitar, he was a guitar guy. That guitar came out of his head, and now, that guitar has a limited print, and we’re selling 1,000 of them and shipping them all to the family.”

The first shipment is expected to arrive July 17. If you find a bottle or can of Rock On in your state, it’s going to make you feel a lot better!

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