Tuesday, October 19, 2021

COVID-19 – a roadside lifesaver that works with the most popular rescue squads in the Mid-Atlantic

COVID-19 is a new breed of emergency medical equipment that can be installed in minutes, and costs between $2,500 and $6,000. CoV-19’s technicians can install it in seconds, thanks to new teaming with Paint Valley EMS.

In December, CoV-19 finalized a donation with Paint Valley EMS. CoV-19 now has Paint Valley’s first responders as authorized certified vehicle enthusiasts to program the vehicle while it’s used by them.

The vehicle also comes with the software needed to help recognize working defibrillators or portable ECG machines, just in case.

CoV-19 is a quick and easy way to back up an Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) technician and revive you from a cardiac arrest, heart attack or other medical emergency. It has EVP-30 systems that restore life to people suffering from cardiac arrest. It is an efficient, high-functioning retrofit tool. EVP is just one of the features CoV-19 offers, which are important for support personnel in the field to get CPR work done quickly.

It holds a 15 volt battery, which takes approximately 30 seconds to charge. It has a DC interface, which means that if the car owner or wearer has an outlet in their home, they are able to power the battery on their home systems, so that the vehicle can be recovered and used within minutes. CoV-19’s battery can also be accessed via a DC interface.

The battery is designed to be recharged from a standard home outlet and also from car computers or PC computer systems. It is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures.

Electrical and mechanical support is provided by CoV-19’s Chief Engineer, Jodee Ridgway and Chief Engineer, Leonard Gunters.

About CoV-19 and its Approved Vehicle Enthusiasts

The CoV-19 is the newest addition to the Paint Valley emergency medical services fleet. This award-winning full service emergency medical equipment company was founded in 1994 by William R. Covelo and Leon Stanley. After helping establish a network of rescue squads in a small town in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, William Covelo founded CoV-19 with the purpose of providing the full spectrum of emergency medical assistance by other EMS units. Today, CoV-19 has a fleet of more than 60 HAZMAT and specialty units.

To contact CoV-19, please contact Carrie Friedemann at gofundme.com/COVID19-Emphasis-Wins-Carrie.

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