Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of schoolkids likely to get shutouts from nutritious food

As many as 100,000 children in Washington, D.C., will no longer be getting the nutritious food they’re accustomed to — but it has nothing to do with the government shutdown.

Rather, half the food distributed to schoolchildren across the U.S. has been gobbled up by schools amid a statewide food shortage.

On Thursday, a top official with D.C. Public Schools told WRC-TV that the half-million-dollar error is blamed on a software glitch, after two school agencies that manage all of the district’s meals were hit with the same glitch.

However, WRC-TV reports the District’s health department estimated its unpaid lunches have exceeded $4 million.

(ABC News Service reports the software malfunction began this month, with parents contacted for the first time on Friday.)

Officials with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority told WRC-TV that the error would not impact the WaBaRawR shuttle’s lunch service, which serves about 65,000 kids a day.

The Washington Post reports D.C. Public Schools serves 20 million lunches to 1.7 million children each year.

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